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Ki Energy cleansing diet

Dr Usui practised meditation and fasting as part of his spiritual and healing preparations. You may wish to adopt the following cleansing diet before or after Attunements

You will need to think about your diet at least one week before you commence. This will give you time to prepare your recipes and overcome any negative thoughts.

On the night before you start try to have a long relaxing bath, with some beauty treatment an massage if possible.

Note: If you are on any medication or have a medical condition, you should always consult your doctor before changing your diet

Day One

Fast. Drink only water. Do not tackle any heavy work. Try to relax a lot with your feet up whenever you can. Practice your meditations and read uplifting books.

Day Two

Eat as much fruit as you wish all day. Drink fruit juices (preferably apple, pears and grapes).

Day Three

Eat fruit and vegetable dishes, cottage cheese and yoghurt if necessary. Drink any health drinks without sugar and additives

Day Four

Eat any vegetarian meals without cheese and eggs. Use low fat milk if neede. Plenty of fruit and healthy drinks again

Day Five, Six and Seven

Eat anything healthy except the mucous forming foods i.e. meat, sugar, white flour and all their products should be avoided at all costs, to allow your body to cleanse all its impurities. Drink anything healthy except tea or coffee and drinks with sugar.

Subsequent days

Slowly introduce other food when necessary, watching if you have any negative reactions. If so, avoid that food. Following the Attunements, your body will continue to cleanse in mind body and spirit for at least 21 days.

Good Health!

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