Mother Earth’s protection meditation from Sanjnashakti

Adopt a relaxed body position, focus on thoughts passing through your mind and let them flow away. Concentrate on the breath gently flowing in and out through the nostrils. Tune in to your physical body and visualise a white light at your heart’s centre. If you are unable to visualise, get your memory to tune in to an experience, when you felt happy and at peace. Hold on to that feeling and direct the feeling to your heart centre.

Now allow that feeling of the lights within to slowly flow out, spreading slowly to each part of your body, until it is moving out of each and every pore in your body. You are a shining glowing light body. This light penetrates out beyond your body. Healing dark spots and diseased or painful areas.

You are part of Mother Earth – a light being. Tune into her mass body. Be aware of a light within her centre, like yours, slowly spreading through the Earth’s crust, seas and mountains. Out through every part, including all life thereon.

Visualise a picture of mother earth with dark streams of negative energy coming towards the planet, but being prevented because of the light flowing out with such intensity that it engulfs everything and transforms only to light.

You have given a gift to our planet. Now Mother Earth gives you her gift. Receive it with thanks. Listen and then write down what it is in your spiritual meditation diary.

Ki Breathing

Breath In and out

Breath In and out

God proceeded to blow into his nostrils the ‘Breath of Life’ and the man came to be a living soul.

Man proceeded to blow into his mouth the ‘Breath of Life’ and artificial respiration kept him alive.

Breathing is life. Ki breathing is health and extended life. The oldest form of study known to man was based on animals, such as the elephant, which lived the longest also breathed the slowest. Those breathing more quickly, like the cat, had a shorter life. Man breathes somewhere in between. The conclusion was that by slowing down the breathing rate it was possible to extend the life.

Importance is also stressed on completely filling the lungs with oxygen, thus utilising every air cell. The human body, being a miniature universe, regulates like a clock and has internal rythms in harmony with cosmic rythms. If they are disturbed, illnes may follow.

Modern physics has discovered that everything in the universe is in continual motion and that there is a force behind that motion. It is known as ‘Ki’ Chi, Prana or Mana and the vital force, which is within evrything to a greater or lesser degree.
Breath In and out

One of the best sources of Ki is air. The oxygen we breathe is utilised to the maximum through the practice of the Complete Lung Breath, the Alternate Nostril Breath and other Pranayama exercises.

Prana means energy Yama means to hold. The important factor in Pranayama is to hold the air within, thus allowing the energy to reach every part of the body. This primes up the body full of energy before Practicing ReiKi.

An added bonus of slow breathing is the calmness it brings. The person who breathes calmly and slowly lives longer. The person who breathes quickly dies quickly. Be calm and live long!

N.B. Practise this before the Dr Usui Joshin Technique.

Reiki Healing Meditation

Close your eyes and relax your body. Be aware of the air flowing in and out through the nostrils and the gentle rise and fall of the chest with the inward and outward breath.

Visualise floating in a large round bath of soft luxurious aqusa coloured water. Be Aware of the warmth andweight of your body being carried gently by the water.

Feel channels of air flowing up through the water creating bubbles underneath you. smell the fragrance of pine and hear the sound of water.

See the bubbles floating up through the water on the surface, over your body and up into the air. Bubbles of all colours of the rainbow.

Be aware of a large bubble slowly floating in front of your face. Look inside that bubble. See the colour. Now look closely as it hovers in front of you. See an image inside and hold on to that image.

Know that you have connected to a reflection of your inner mind. A message from deep within lies there. A symbol from the infinite source. A special connection for your spiritual development, for healing, for love.

Now free the bubble and release into the ethos, knowing that you can create bubbles to look within, whenever your need arises.

Bring yourself back to the surface, being aware of your physical body. Feel the atmosphere around you. Hear the noises. Start to move your fingers and toes. Taking in deeper breaths, stretch yourself and open your eyes.

Meditation To Protect Your Energy

The body’s vibrational frequency can be altered by internal and external influences. The following guided meditation is one method of protecting yourself from negative external vibrations. With practise you can learn to do this very quickly by using the visualisation and chanting the sound Aum (OM) in your mind.

Allow your body to become relaxed. have the spine straight and the head upright. Close your eyes and take a slow breath in and out. Be aware of the flow of air through the nostrils. Let your hands and feet relax and the shoulders loosen.

Visualise your body surrounded by a large bubble. This membrane is strong and protecting. While you are inside, you can move around and the shape can change to accommodate this.

Although this is an invisible screen all around you, it is also a strong barrier from anything or any negative vibration outside which would harm you.

You feel yourself protected inside your bubble where nothing can harm you. In your mind you hear the sound Aum repeating and you know that this is raising your vibrational frequencies to a higher level. Giving double protection to your bubble.

See yourself floating in your bubble, safe and sheltered from harm, knowing that you can be there anytime you wish.

Now prepare yourself to release the bubble and allow it to float to a safe place where you can recall your bubble whenever necessary.

Take some slow, deeper breaths in and out becoming aware of your body. Start to move your fingers and toes. Stretch your arms and have a good yawn.